Ian & Tavish Stone

We are two brothers- partners in all artistic endeavors- who have been drawing cartoons all our lives. We're currently looking for jobs as comic book illustrators, cartoonists, and/or graphic designers.

We work well alone or collaborating with others, and can deliver results whether the requirements be broad or specific. Just tell us what you want, let us be, and we'll do it.
We can adapt our skills to a wide variety of moods, genres and styles. We are fast learners, and can learn how to draw- and how to bring to life- new characters quickly and easily. If you want us to do a 1950s sci-fi or a European fairytale, we will- we'll do both if you want!
We are also designers and know how to make something appealing to an audience. Being long-time members of the audience, we don't need a committee to know how to sell a product.
We are highly creative and can create new ideas and executions of ideas out of our heads, as well as whole words and settings- we are writers as well as artists. We believe that the best stories are new and different but familiar. Thinking outside the box is our specialty, but we can be inside it too if need be.

Overall, we are primarily entertainers.

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