Leslie Stem

I am a writer/director and am seeking remunerative work in film development and/or directing.
I understand what it takes to tell a good story visually with regards to style and mood, as well as through dramatic structure, linear and nonlinear narrative, and action. I am well-versed in heroic epics and the evolution of the Hero– from Brute to Trickster to Philosopher to Anti-hero. I have read widely in the science-fiction, fantasy and mystery genres, as well as mythology, folktales and history from the Bronze Age to the Renaissance and of how these stories resonate with our contemporary culture.
I have also studied painting and illustration and have a keen eye for color, composition and lighting. My visual influences are German Expressionism and Film Noir. The language of symbols, archetypes and universal themes is also of interest to me.
I have experience in acting and singing. I know how to direct performers and have an ear for dialogue. I am good at previsualization and storyboards.
In a previous life I managed pet grooming shops for 23 years. I know how to oversee crews, prioritize tasks, juggle information in my head, deal with clients and meet deadlines. But I am a creative person, not a bureaucrat.
I believe in film as an agent of change– stories of courage, redemption and love are the kind I would like to tell. The power that the movies have to sweep the audience into other worlds and affect them deeply is what attracts me to a career in film.

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